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Sale of Real Touch Bouquets

We are selling our prototypes at huge savings. The ribbon colour can be changed, but these are one of a kind.

b1 copy

Silk stephanotis with crystals in blooms, added crystals on stems, real touch orchids in tear drop shape.

b2 copy

Real touch pink roses with crystals added.

b3 copy

Discontinued real touch peach roses and buds, pearl wrap can be removed.

b4 copy

Brooch bouquet

Discontinued Real Touch Callas

Our supplier is discontinuing real touch small callas and there is limited stock – so… we are offering these at a greatly reduced price for the DIY bride. These must be bought in bundles of 9 – $15.75 a bundle works out to $1.75 a calla. These are REAL TOUCH – heads are 2 inches – get them while they last. Taxes and shipping extra – colours green, purple, yellow and hot pink – perfect for bouquets. Quantity of bundles available are 100 pink, 100 green, 92 purple and 200 yellow – go to our website and fill out the contact form.

yellow calla purple calla pink calla green calla


Last Day To Order Stems

Today is the last day to order DIY real touch flower stems at wholesale pricing.

Contact us through our website at to place your order.

This sale is now over

Real Touch Flowers Special

We have a special on for the month  – go to and click under the “specials” heading.

Real Touch Callas

Here’s one of our latest clients bouquets with custom dyed real touch phalaenopsis orchids. Image

Navy Blue, Silver and White Wedding Anniversary

We met a wonderful lady over the phone. She hails from Illinois and is so excited that her and her husband will be celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary. As the colours she chose are navy blue, white and silver, I understand that’s because there will be military uniforms involved. I can’t wait to see the pictures she might send.

We custom dyed white real touch roses that she chose to navy blue, even though they don’t look it in some of these pics. A photographer I’m not and the lighting around has been terrible due to this Arctic Vortex that has hit most of us in Canada and the U.S.

Below are pics of her bridesmaids, her bouquet and the church arrangements she ordered.

Congratulations to B & A for not only being so great to work with, but on this very special anniversary.ImageImageImageImage


Crystal Brooch Bouquet

Earlier this week we did a “heritage bouquet” with just earrings and rings…. today we finished up an all crystal brooch bouquet. Image


Real Touch Flower Grouping

These real touch bouquets go with the cascading real touch bouquet shown below. This is a destination wedding.Image

Heritage Brooch Bouquet

This is a bit of a different twist on the brooch bouquet. Our client wanted to use her past and present relatives rings and earrings. This bouquet doesn’t have a brooch in it. We like to call this a new version of the standard brooch bouquet and we’ve renamed it the “Heritage Bouquet.” Image

New Real Touch Bouquets

We have been so busy that we have let our blog slide for quite a few months. We will try to keep it up to date with the latest bouquets and pics that we have and what our clients send. Image

This bouquet was a special request from a previous florist who contacted us all the way from Texas. She wanted to surprise her niece with flowers for her wedding. This particular bouquet is made from both real touch flowers and silks.

DSCF6188 copy

This multi coloured bouquet is made up of all real touch flowers in a cascading design for one of our 2014 destination brides.


This is a different design in teardrop style. Stephanotis are silk with crystals in the center, added crystals on a silver wire and real touch white phalaenopsis orchids. All for a winter 2013 wedding.

Wholesale Pricing Special Real Touch Flowers

All real touch flowers currently in our inventory are on sale at wholesale pricing.

This is for stems only and not for us to design.

Sale is on from Sept. 12, 2013 until Sept 27, 2013

Contact us through our website at


Too Busy To Blog

We haven’t kept up with blogging, but we will try to at least keep up with pictures. Here are some for the 2013 wedding season.

DSCF5609 copy
DSCF5605 copy

Real Touch Flower Stems

We have some real touch flower stems  for sale at cost. Head over to and click on the special sales heading


Ordering Real Touch From China

So you think you’re going to save money by buying direct from China? Better think again. Just yesterday we got a call from out west from a designer that was having a terrible time with bleeding of flowers into each other. Every tom, dick and harry in China is trying to sell on the cheap what they call real touch flowers. Here’s a picture as to what happened. You will find these sellers all over Etsy and anywhere else they are selling cheap. “CHEAP” is the word here. If they’re cheap…. that’s what you are going to get. In this scenario now the roses can’t be used and the lillies are ruined. I’d estimate about $15.00 thrown away just in this picture. Good Chinese manufacturers sell by the container load… not individual stems. Please make sure you are ordering from reputable suppliers in Canada and the U.S. and save yourself some grief by not dealing with these knock off suppliers.

There are good and bad suppliers, no doubt about it, but if they’re cheap… they’re knock offsimage and your frustration will just begin.

Weddings on our Facebook Page

We are doing a series of past weddings called Looking Back  on our facebook account. Most of these the flowers & decor were done by our other company Special Day Designs & Rentals. You can see both fresh and real touch flowers where they were used, but I personally was involved as the main designer/co-ordinator in all these weddings.

There are many more to be added, we are just doing a few at a time.  THERE IS ALSO A SPECIAL SALE OF STEM FLOWERS YOU WILL SEE ON THE FB ACCOUNT.

Check it out here